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You can try using Newsbeuter which has an option to run an external command (see notify-program in the documentation). Canto also has some customizable hooks, though the whole configuration system looks a bit more complicated at first glance. With rsstail + shell you can also invoke external commands. Start off with what you already figured out: rsstail ...


If you take a look at the source tree for Liferea there's a file, css/liferea.css, which contains the customization that you're asking about. https://github.com/lwindolf/liferea/blob/master/css/liferea.css There's a section of this file: Color Definitions: ================== To allow using GTK theme colors the following key words will be ...


For the sake of completeness, since you're using KDE you may also be interested in KDE specific apps for this task. KDE Official RSS Plasmoid A plasmoid specifically designed for showing feeds on the desktop is called RSSnow: its included in the plasma-widgets-addons package. You can have all sorts of transparency effects if you wish, it depends on ...


You can use conky to display RSS feeds directly on your desktop. Here's an example: # --- Window Layout & Options --- # #background yes own_window yes own_window_colour brown own_window_transparent yes own_window_type override own_window_transparent yes own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager double_buffer yes use_spacer right ...


Lots of people use conky for this sort of task. The Arch Wiki has the details. There is also a long thread on the Arch Forums with plenty of examples of this functionality. There are also lots of blog posts that may be of assistance in setting this up, eg., http://how-to.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_add_an_RSS_feed_to_Conky


No, there is no GUI for newsbeuter. It does, however, have an export option to print subscriptions to either stdout or a file; see man newsbeuter: -e Export feeds as OPML to stdout You could simply export your subscription list as .opml and import the list into a graphical client of your choosing.


For about eight months (until mid-August) I used Tiny Tiny RSS with the slight hacks described above, so thanks again for that answer! However, I never actually needed the powerful web interface the API and many of its other great features—what I did need at some point was the ability to manipulate the HTTP request headers (to insert cookies and ...

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