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I wrote a tool precisely for this task. It reformats iptables -S output into a tree of chains as they are being applied. By analyzing its output, I deduced that _rule chains are intended for manually-added rules. The tool is also useful for rule diagnostics: if you reset rule counters, make a network test, then feed it the output with packet counters, you ...


You can use traceroute and specify the device to use with -i, then the next hop will be the router connected to that device.


I think you want the ip route command. If you invoke ip route on my server, which has two ethernet cards, "enp3s0" and "enp3s8", you get this: 1001 % ip route default via dev enp3s8 dev enp3s8 proto kernel scope link src dev enp3s0 proto kernel scope link src That shows you all the routes. ...

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