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The Arch Linux Wiki has a really good guide on how to do it with IPTables. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Router


Well regarding router, you can easily configure one in a linux box using the ip route command. To display routes in your system: ip route show To add a default route ip route add default via IP-OF-GATEWAY To add a new network ip route add YOUR-NETWORK-RANGE via GATEWAY-FOR-NETWORK Then firewall you have Netfilter/Iptables, which is a huge topic, ...


Since you have not provided additional information, I will elaborate on my comment as to what I think is happening here. Just to preface this, please forgive me for assuming you have made this mistake, I'm just going on what you're saying: I'm layman in this subject (Computer Network)." I believe that you are trying to use your home computer's private ...


Spoofing your MAC-Address is relatively simple: General steps: Save your MAC for a future reset Temporary disable your interface to change your MAC Set your new, arbirtray MAC Enable your interface again Using different tools: With ip: ip link show <interface> &> ip_savehafen.log sudo ip link set dev <interface> down sudo ip ...

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