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Given your comment on Anthon's answer, I think the actual solution to your problem may be to tighten down your OS's logrotate configuration. While it is possible to move /var/log per Anthon's answer, I wouldn't recommend it.


With 3.4 Gb free on root I don't think the free space is cause of the critical status. If you want to make space free on your root filesystem anyway, it is much more easy to copy some of the data to a special directory under /home and soft-link the original location to that copied data. Move the original location out of the way, then link in a one-liner, ...


The apparent answer is to run these two commands lvcreate --name opt --size 23Gi group mkfs -t ext4 -L opt /dev/group/opt However, via the comments thread it became apparent that lvcreate threw an error message, /dev/group/opt: not found: device not cleared Aborting: Failed to wipe start of new LV A search on Google finds that this is a known error, ...


Apart from Dylan suggestions to start over, another, non-intrusive option is to move some material from the root partition to the partition for the home directories. You should only do that for non-boot-critical material, but there is a lot of that in / outside of /home. My first Unix even had separate partitions for /usr and /var. You can copy e.g. ...

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