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You can set options in your sources.list: deb [trusted=yes] http://localmachine/debian wheezy main The trusted option is what turns off the GPG check. See man 5 sources.list for details. Note: this was added in apt 0.8.16~exp3. So it's in wheezy (and of course jessie), but not squeeze.


For part of your question and for completeness, if you only wanted to reduce/limit the bandwidth consumption for yum, there is the throttle option that can be either enabled globally or for a specific plugin or repo There are other settings that you can leverage to use more of the yum cache and do not refresh repository metadata as often by default. See ...


I couldn't find the way to remove Replese.gpg as mark said. Nevertheless, I also get similar errors during apt-get install as apt-get still tried to connect to isoc.org.il. To reslove the issue, I generated the first 4 lines with a fixed mirror (US mirror) using debgen.simplylinux.ch. Here is the final working sources.list: deb ...


I know of no program to obtain this information. 1st idea Remove Kali repository. Install Synaptic Package Manager sudo apt-get install synaptic Run synaptic Klick Reload Open Installed (local or obsolete) Use Package > Force version Sometimes synaptic thinks it does not get further. Simply restart synaptic. Sometimes it is easier if other packages are ...

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