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The solution evolved into http://www.gnu.org/software/parallel/parallel_design.html#Remote-Ctrl-C-and-standard-error-stderr $SIG{CHLD} = sub { $done = 1; }; $pid = fork; unless($pid) { # Make own process group to be able to kill HUP it later setpgrp; exec $ENV{SHELL}, "-c", ($bashfunc."@ARGV"); die "exec: $!\n"; } do { # Parent is not ...


Turns out screen now has a layout facility that will keep track of splits. In order for the pair to see the current layout just save it as the default: ctrl-a:layout save default


The split is done in the screen client, not in the screen session itself. pair may split his screen any way he wants, independent of your split.


The script is stopping execution because the pkill call is failing. I suspect in this case tomcat has already been killed or you have the incorrect process name. Pkill returns values as follows, from man page: 0 One or more processes matched the criteria. 1 No processes matched. 2 Syntax error in the command line. 3 Fatal ...

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