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In a terminal, you could do: { your-prefered-sound-recording-application > sound.ogg & script -c 'vi file' -tdump.times dump kill "$!" } And to replay: { your-prefered-sound-playing-application < sound.ogg & scriptreplay dump.times dump } (here assuming the script/scriptreplay from util-linux). It doesn't have to be vi, any ...


You can use script and scriptreplay to capture and replay a CLI session. It should already be in your system as part of util-linux. It does not offer play/pause features, though. script -t 2> timefile to start the recording (type 'exit' to stop recording) using the default filename typescript and the timing file timefile scriptreplay timefile To ...


Might it be asciinema, showterm or PLAYTERM/ttyrec? Coincidentally a colleague of mine is right now trying to remember something like this as well.

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