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You can thank someone named Lino Miguel Martins Tinoco from 2004 for this one. The GNU Readline documentation for .inputrc does not allow in-line comments. Both it and the GNU Bourne Again shell manual say: Lines beginning with a `#' are comments. The line set output-meta on # Enable Meta output with eighth bit set is not a line beginning with #. ...


OK, I seem to have figured it out. I just commented out the lines in my .inputrc and it works: #set input-meta on # Enable Meta input with eighth bit set #set meta-flag on # Synonym for the above #set convert-meta off # Do NOT strip the eighth bit #set output-meta on # Enable Meta output with eighth bit set Apparently in .inputrc, inline ...


As long as you've edited a history entry but not pressed Enter yet, to go back to the original entry, repeatedly press Ctrl+_ — the undo command — until it doesn't make any further change. You're back to the original entry.


Revert to the original command when you've have made multiple changes to the line: revert-line (M-r) Undo all changes made to this line. This is like executing the undo command enough times to get back to the beginning. M is the meta key, which is altr for me. Gratuitous, Yet Helpful Info When you have executed a command like OP had ...


When using bash just edit the .bash_history file in your home dir

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