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This works as expected out of the box on my system. You don't seem to have your sudo configured to allow you to run graphical applications. I haven't encountered this issue in quite a few years but one of these should work: Switch off access control for X xhost + sudo ./qt-opensource-linux-x64-1.6.0-5-online.run Then, activate it again with xhost -. ...


No there is normally no reason not to install as root, this is quite common. No "running" as root is not the same as installing as root. You should not run this as root, it is in my experience very seldom that an X client needs to be run as root. Installing and running are different things. Many items need to be installed as root to get into the directories ...


These appear to be files that Qt creates during the course of Inter-process communication. The file names indicate that shared memory and semaphores were used.

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