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I had the same kind of problem. I wanted to change an IP failover redirection as soon as the virtual machine is migrated to another node but I could not find a clean way to detect the said migration. The log files /var/log/pve/tasks/index does not help. Only the node that is giving the VM is having a line of log that says "qmigrate" or "hamigrate". I've ...


After a lot of web browsing I have not found any solution and I've made a wrapper for pygrub to be used with libvirt/kvm. Maybe this solution is useful for you, even late, so I'd like to share it. It's a libvirt hook script. The script parses the domain configuration on prepare/begin event, lets pygrub find the kernel through the available disks and then ...


The virtio backend is in qemu itself, not in the host kernel. qemu is taking packets from the guest virtio frontend network driver and sending them to the bridge device you requested. In the host kernel you can have vhost drivers to optimise part of the backend function, namely passing the data packets. See this blog post.


man mkfs.ext4 The defaults of the parameters for the newly created filesystem, if not overridden by the options listed below, are controlled by the /etc/mke2fs.conf configuration file. Ubuntu host, cat /etc/mke2fs.conf [defaults] base_features = sparse_super,filetype,resize_inode,dir_index,ext_attr default_mntopts = acl,user_xattr ...

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