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You should mkfifo a bidirectional |pipe between the two machines and write to it instead of relying on pasting into a putty terminal. But if you must use putty, then you should turn off its flow control in the settings and use raw mode - stty raw on the host side and find the raw terminal option in putty's settings.


You can get pretty close to what you want by using the alternate screen buffer. Most (all?) terminal emulators have 2 screen buffers that you can switch between. So you switch to the alternate screen buffer, run your commands, and then switch back to the main one. Just run the following before your commands: tput smcup And at the end, run tput rmcup ...


I'm not familiar with AutoHotKey, so if you can't find any solution there, read on. POSIX specifies the read command, which allows taking a line of input while stifling the terminal echo (that's what you see when you type) with -s. This is also a bash built-in, but you might check your system to see if it is present as a standalone. Otherwise, looking ...


Most modern terminals understand color codes, for example if you run this echo -e '\e[1;33myellow and not stopping!', you will have your font set to yellow. This setting applies to the terminal, and not to individual programs that are being run, therefor it can be permanent. The "stop" command is echo -e '\e[0m' which resets this and should also work in ...


To fix the PuTTY issue, change the Settings under Window -> Translation and select (or manually enter if not present) "utf-8" Which shell are you using on the machine?


It's an encoding issue. Set your Putty character set translation to "UTF-8": Window -> Translation -> Remote character set

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