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The file /usr/share/pulseaudio/alsa-mixer/paths/analog-output.conf.common contains all the explanations and the basic settings on how pulseaudio will tinker with Alsa Mixer settings.


Solved it with http://askubuntu.com/a/72076 Basically make a mono sink, then redirect playback to it with pacmd.


When you opened pavucontrol, is your Line Out output uplugged? Yes: You have your speakers in wrong connector. No or didn't help: Good luck, I have no idea what is wrong. Explanation: Only plugged in port is used as default, if all are unplugged who knows why it's headphones. PulseAudio tests only one connector (Front speakers / green) but outputs ...


solved by installing pulseaudio-bluetooth, I'm still configuring it for the audio to work properly but this is a starting point


You can get the number of sink Input with pactl command. $ pactl list sink-inputs ... Sink Input #7119 Driver: protocol-native.c Owner Module: 12 Client: 6298 Sink: 0 ... Properties: application.icon_name = "google-chrome" media.name = "Playback" application.name = "Chromium" ... Using this number(#7119), you specify the sink ...


This might be a silly answer, but could it be hardware ? Are you sure the headphone worked in Windows ? I've seen that the lenovo has a combo headphone/mic socket, and there are people who have reported problems using a headphone with it. The Lenovo community has a forum article describing an issue similar to yours here. With an answer here

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