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This is a bug. The actual root cause is somewhat deeper: systemd's reload logic is flawed. That's why you saw it only when you had actually enabled a unit (i. e. a "disabled -> enabled" transition had taken place): in this case systemd implicitly reloads the units. I'm working on fixing the bug; in the meantime, if this manifestation (spontaneous volume ...


Your output device which you've connected via HDMI needs a couple of seconds to synchronize to the datastream it starts receiving from your system. You could look into adding a couple of seconds of silence first, or to continually play silence during your application to keep the synchronization going, and then mixing in the TTS output when that's needed. ...


It depends on what drivers you use. If it's ALSA - you can use "alsamixer". It's a control panel of alsa devices with ncurses interface. To switch tab in this panel you can use key "tab".

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