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This is simple and works: in normal mode, place your cursor at the first character of the string you want to right-align, like the comment delimiter, and then press leader then tab to right align the text. nnoremap <leader><tab> mc80A <esc>080lDgelD`cP With explainations: mc80A <esc>080lDgelD`cP | | | || || mc| | ...


Of course the answer is very opinion based, but I would go with Ubuntu (or any of its derivatives like Kubuntu) as it offers a huge community (e.g. at or the askubuntu part of the stack network) that is really helpful. Also, many blog posts etc. deal with Ubuntu. As you are new to Linux, this is what you should look out for. On the ...


I think this is a matter of opinion. Also, take in account there is hundreds of posts in Internet informing about the differences between distributions. Anyway, I agree with the link, I am also a beginner and using Linux Mint.

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