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There is a "Reset" toolbar command to the right of compile. That will stop the running program in Dr. Java.


From the last line with text: $Id: script-name.py 474 2010-12-10 12:16:36Z adminName $ you can assume that these files were kept in Subversion (there is an explanation of the $Id$ keyword here). The older CVS would also use the $Id$ keyword, but that would expand the filename to script-name.py,v (as is done here). The two entries before that could come ...


It is working now, but I changed the script to: #!/usr/bin/expect -f set timeout 15 set user "myusername" set server "x.x.x.x" spawn ssh -l $user -p AAAA $server expect "myusername@x.x.x.x's password: " { send "the password\r" } interact

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