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Ok, I got it. First of all I implemented this workaround (below here is the updated version): (as super user) $ systemctl stop org.cups.cupsd.service Then create /etc/udev/rules.d/10-cups_device_link.rules file and add this content: KERNEL=="lp[0-9]", SYMLINK+="%k", GROUP="lp" Unplug and plug the usb printer cable and wait a few seconds. Finally ...


Here is a solution using sed. find /MOS -name "001.txt" | sed -re 's/[^/]+$//g' This will bring the following (sans 001.txt). /MOS/XNF/N01/


You can use: find /MOS -printf "%h\n" To only list the directory names. See man find and look for -printf format. You will find a very detailed explanation of the format possibilities.


Here is a simple receipe I use on different UNIXes: set print_command="iconv --unicode-subst="_" -f utf-8 -t iso-8859-1 | enscript -P ••My_printer••" where ••My_printer•• is the name of the printer.

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