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As @infixed says, the X-Spam-Status header is continued across multiple lines. If you have procmail installed, you can use its formail utility to concatenate continued headers. From man formail: -c      Concatenate continued fields in the header. Might be convenient when postprocessing mail with standard (line oriented) text ...


It sounds like that X-Spam-Status line is a 'continued' RFC822 header that spans multiple lines. A header starts with non-whitespace in the first character of a line. A non-blank line with whitespace at the beginning is a continuation of the previous line, and a blank line ends the headers. If you want to filter out a particular header, you are going to ...


I had the same problem and also setting ~/.config/evince/print-setting didn't work. However I solved the problem for me by setting the directory read only: chmod a-w ~/.config/evince. This may be have some sideeffects but I didn't observe any yet.


Installing CUPS-PDF will allow you to create a virtual printer which prints to PDF files. You can then use that printer with lpr -P to preview your output.


The documentation suggests you change the RequestRoot option in the config file. Did you try that? RequestRoot directory Specifies the directory that contains print jobs and other HTTP request data. The default is "/var/spool/cups".

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