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On my system I can obtain the power drawn from the battery from cat /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/power_now 9616000 The value seems to be in µW, though. You can convert it with any tool you're comfortable with, e.g. awk: awk '{print $1*10^-6 " W"}' /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/power_now 9.616 W


Powertop is not a permanent tool, as you know, so you will have to setup your system to run the commands through sysctl, udev, systemd units, scripts, whatever... In order to see what commands are used by powertop you will have to run powertop --html BEFORE MAKING ANY CHANGES, that is, BEFORE toggling the settings from Bad to Good. If you already tuned for ...


On a laptop by reading the ACPI data from either procfs or sysfs. On my system the files are: /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/state /sys/bus/acpi/drivers/battery/PNP0C0A:00/power_supply/BAT0/power_now Note that the sysfs is heavily symlinked so there are many ways to reach the file. power_now is the file name you are looking for.


Alternative Power Apps There are several power management apps listed on the Linux App finder site.       Of the ones listed I've used GKrellM & PowerTOP. Perhaps one of these will suit your needs. I did a quick look through most of these apps. I didn't see the feature where power consumption was broken down by device. I ...


You could put it in your crontab with @reboot /pathto/script.sh


Powertop is intended to be primarily a diagnostic tool, and the Tunables tab is there to support that. The idea seems to be that these are hints to distributors about potential settings they could be change in their defaults, rather than hints to end users about to configure their system. A discussion on the project's mailing list suggests that these are ...


It's probably not bad if they're "Bad", when you run on the AC power. When running on battery, the "Good/Bad" settings may or may not help. You can toggle them and observe the effects, but should you toggle them if you want to achieve the highest power-saving? I agree with mavit's answer that the powertop is primarily a diagnostic tool. There are other ...

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