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Read this Suspend and hibernate configuration in Debian Jessie You may get hibernation working out of the box (even without uswsusp), provided that you have a swap partition big enough to hold an image of the system. It can sometimes be convenient to have a laptop first "Suspend" to RAM, for quick wake-up -- but then automatically save RAM to disk, and ...


Yes, of course not of them : root@debian:/home/mohsen# biosdecode # biosdecode 2.12 ACPI 2.0 present. OEM Identifier: DELL RSD Table 32-bit Address: 0xCAFAD028 XSD Table 64-bit Address: 0x00000000CAFAD078 SMBIOS 2.6 present. Structure Table Length: 2331 bytes Structure Table Address: 0x000EBA00 Number Of Structures: 57 Maximum ...


To use SSH to open a shell on a remote OSX machine and prevent it from sleeping for the duration of the SSH session: $ ssh -t me@mymacbook caffeinate -i bash

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