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The 3pm section is not used anymore. It is defined as manual pages concerning modul packages of perl in an old version of the Debian Perl Policy, noteably in version 1.2. Here is a site where you can read that old deprecated policy (see §3.1 and §1.4). In the latest Debian Perl Policy it is defined in §2.4 that module manual pages should be installed in ...


Use an array: echo '<name>,<tag1> <tag2> <tag3>' | while IFS=" ," read -a foo; do echo ${foo[@]}; done Output: <name> <tag1> <tag2> <tag3> From man bash: IFS: The Internal Field Separator that is used for word splitting after expansion and to split lines into words with the read builtin command.


There is no difference. hostname and uname -n output the same information. They both obtain it from the uname() system call. One difference is that the hostname command can be used to set the hostname as well as getting it. uname cannot do that. (Normally this is done only once, early in the boot process!)


Several commercial Unix systems have backward-compatible utilities in /bin and /usr/bin, and a directory such as /usr/xpg4/bin that contain POSIX-compliant utilities. That way, old applications can stick to the old PATH with just /bin and /usr/bin, and newer applications use a PATH with the POSIX utilities first. Unless you need backward compatibility with ...


First, don't use the alias version you depicted in your question; this is certainly the worst option you have. Also don't append that XPG4 path hard-coded for all platforms. On Solaris you are generally much better served (to say the least) if you define /usr/xpg4/bin in your PATH before the other system bin directories. I dare to say that the XPG4 standard ...


Depending on the shell used, you may have a parameter that you could test; like OSTYPE, stuffing OS specific things in there. if [[ $OSTYPE == solaris* ]]; then here be dragons fi Or if you have a few different OSs case $OSTYPE in freebsd*|solaris*) export MANWIDTH=tty ;; openbsd*) export ...

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