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Another way, if you don't want to modify your tests, is to use iptables: iptables -A OUTPUT -d -j REJECT That won't work for ping, but it will work for CURL and some other programmes. WARNING: Ensure you don't create a firewall rule that block your own network!!!!


Both curl and ping have timeout options you can set. curl: --connect-timeout <seconds> Maximum time in seconds that you allow curl's connection to take. This only limits the connection phase ... OR -m, --max-time <seconds> Maximum time in seconds that you allow the whole operation to ...


It would seem that ilportaledellautomobilista.it does not have an A record, however the domain does exist and does have a nameserver (SOA shows that). Since that host only has a SOA record, thats what dig is returning. www.ilportaledellautomobilista.it does have an A record though. So give that a try instead, and you will see that A records have been ...

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