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A host-only adapter in VirtualBox is almost exactly what it sounds like: the "host" is the box where you run virtualbox at - so most probably the desktop system your display, mouse and keyboard are connected to. "host-only" refers to the circumstance that (out of the box) only your host and your vm are connected to this network via a network bridge on the ...


I'm having this issue too. Here are some outputs from the above commands # netstat -taupen | grep LISTEN tcp 0 0* LISTEN 0 19239 2490/smbd tcp 0 0* LISTEN 0 19149 2475/perl tcp 0 0 ...


there is root cause of controller which manage this OVS bridge. If controller is deleted then traffic goes correctly. If controller is configured traffic is lost.


Make sure the interface name is present on your machine. Check by doing ifconfig or ip addr show or ip link show commands. You can also do some troubleshooting using ip route show and traceroute -i commands. It is working as shown below: [iahmad@ijaz-cms ~]$ ping -I enp0s25 PING ( from ...


If you tried above methods proposed and they are unsuccessful, this means that you're behind a firewall (smart switch/router or server) that are after your PC. The reason you're unable to ping your PC is that the ICMP traffic is blocked. Do you have access to other services as Apache (port 80) for example? In case your PC is still unreachable, there are ...


To ping using IPv6 you have to use the following command: ping6 But even currently you only have a link-local address so that will not work. You need a IPv6 address that is routable to be able to ping outwards.


You have only Link-Local, non routable ipv6 (fe80::/10). So You have no public routable IPv6. In this configuration You can make ipv6 connect only to Link-Local addresses in same L2 segment.

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