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If find is available, try: find / -type f -exec grep -rHinF --colour=always -e "aa:aa:aa:aa" {} + This only applies to regular files so it will skip block and character devices. See man find. You probably want to skip directories like /proc or /sys; as Stephane Chazelas points out in the comments, some files in there will block (remain open, hanging the ...


pfSense is currently based on FreeBSD 8.x. The ability to grow a UFS filesystem live is only coming with FreeBSD 10.x, so all this should be done from a rescue/install mode. First do a backup of your config.xml file ! To grow the pfSense root filesystem you must first properly re-size the BSD partition scheme (aka "bsd slices"): re-size the BSD partition ...


It looks like you can't do this in NanoBSD. From the document you linked to: Do not attempt this on NanoBSD, it relies on the boot manager for required functionality. That in mind, I am not surprised that removing the boot manager doesn't work and/or hozes things.

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