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A lot of people recommend Xournal, but i found it to work as a version of Gimp that i can't use. Thus if you are familiar with Gimp, i would recommend trying it. Apply a threshold on the signature if the white is not white enough Convert white to alpha in the signature if the background of the document is not white Open the document with Gimp Open the ...


Alpine reads per-user "mailcap" settings from ~/.mailcap, which overrides the systemwide /etc/mailcap. So just put the following line in ~/.mailcap: application/pdf; evince %s


There is a command texi2pdf(1) (part of texinfo-tex here on Fedora) which does the deed from the .texi (TeXinfo) sources for the GNU info documentation. The .texi files themselves are normally bundled in the source packages. You should be able to build the PDF documentation with the standard ./configure; make dance, or perhaps make doc. Note that some ...

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