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With reference to TEXTUTIL(1) manual page it seems pdf is not between formats managed by this utility: fmt is one of: txt, html, rtf, rtfd, doc, docx, wordml, odt, or webarchive On Linux/Unix installing a scriptable product like XPDF/pdftotext may be a valid solution like some comment already suggested. For those on OS X it's possible extract text ...


"pdfmod" is a simple graphical tool which allows to remove one or mode pages from an existing PDF. It is just matter of a few clicks. It also preserves the content information and cross-linking in the pdf. "pdftk" works good and I was using it for a long time but I used to lose content after removing one or two pages from the pdf. Those pdf files which are ...


You can do it with a separate signature file. Sign the Document: % gpg --output doc.pdf.sig --detach-sig doc.pdf Distribute doc.pdf and doc.pdf.sig Verify the Document: % gpg --verify doc.pdf.sig doc.pdf

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