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You can use qpdfview to open documents in the same window but under different tab: $ qpdfview --unique --instance texview file.pdf That will spawn new window with that instance id if it doesn't exists or open file in new tab in existing instance. The only downside here that it won't close previously opened file.


Evince reloads the pdf file if changed, so you could use a dummy file to overwrite with the pdf that you want to show up. # preview dummy file, a blank pdf maybe. cp blank.pdf dummy.pdf evince dummy.pdf # show document1.pdf cp document1.pdf dummy.pdf # later..., show document2.pdf ...


I found Mikher's code very useful, however it lays out the PDF entirely as either Portrait or Landscape, so I have modified it to check the layout of each input file and match it in the output. I didn't include Yotam's edit as it works without it on my Ubuntu 15.04 box. $#!/bin/bash # Resizes files to A4 (or other size - change PaperWdthMetr and ...

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