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PDF is a formatted data and you couldn't access its content in shell but if you install poppler-utils ,then you could convert it to text and search for your pattern with grep pdftotext my.pdf - | grep 'your_pattern' > example.txt so you have your pattern in example.txt file .


This bug appears to have been fixed in version 1.2.5 (I've upgraded to 1.2.5 and used the program several times and it has always selected the correct paper-size).


I think I found the answer. One has to look at /usr/lib64/urxvt/perl/matcher and there they give examples. My usecase is to do find . | grep -i something and get a bunch of lines like ./foo/bar/something1.pdf ./bar/foo/something-and-else.pdf so that adding the two lines urxvt*matcher.pattern.1: \\B(./\\S+?).pdf urxvt*matcher.launcher.1: evince ...


As mentioned in the instructions you linked: The default glob expansion puts the pages in alphabetical order. The index page links to nine different documents, whose names aren't in alphabetical order. When you say htmldoc ... *.html, the tools sees them in that order and puts the pages into the document alphabetically. You need to list the files on ...


gPDFText converts ebook PDF content into ASCII text, reformatted for long line paragraphs, It works for me and it has a graphical interface.


By combining: St├ęphane Chazelas comment this question https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25166223/open-firefox-new-tab-in-same-window-through-terminal sh command cause it wouldn't work otherwise I got it to work by adding to keyboard shortcuts (not xbindkeys). So all the steps are: Control center --> scroll down to Keyboard Shortcuts --> Press Add and ...

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