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gPDFText converts ebook PDF content into ASCII text, reformatted for long line paragraphs, It works for me and it has a graphical interface.


By combining: St├ęphane Chazelas comment this question https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25166223/open-firefox-new-tab-in-same-window-through-terminal sh command cause it wouldn't work otherwise I got it to work by adding to keyboard shortcuts (not xbindkeys). So all the steps are: Control center --> scroll down to Keyboard Shortcuts --> Press Add and ...


Ok, got it. The key to success is to explicitly specify paper size. Example, original PDF has DIN A4 page size, then pdfjam --a4paper --scale 0.5 ---offset "-7cm 0cm" -- inputfiles does the trick. I'm not sure why -x with x<10 didn't work before.

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