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You probably need to install e4fsprogs CentOS package before you want to create an ext4 filesystem. In general, mkfs is just a front-end for a series of mkfs.* binaries. See the following example: root@locutus:/home/asd# strace -f -e trace=execve mkfs -t asdasd /dev/whatever execve("/sbin/mkfs", ["mkfs", "-t", "asdasd", "/dev/whatever"], [/* 18 vars */]) ...


NOTE: You have not to use LVM for / and /boot But DB: DB always be stored in /var such as mysql and psql, So need a big space for it. You can create the following question from yourself: Do we have syslog center? Do we have more than 10 effective user account? What's size of our memory? (for size of swap) What do we have packages? What's your hdd size? ...

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