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Cylinder/head/sector addressing is horrendously obsolete, but some old disk tools still use it by default, and Linux fdisk supports it in emulation. The CHS values it's giving do not refer to any physical reality of the disk, but are guesses based on (I'd guess) the current partition table. They can probably be safely ignored. sdc1 runs right up to the end ...


Anthon is probably right, in the odd chance you did setup Mint on lvm though, here's the gist on how to extend with it. fdisk /dev/sda # create new partition with the extra space reboot pvcreate /dev/sda2 vgextend VolGroup00 /dev/sda2 lvextend -l+100%FREE /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 resize2fs /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 Where VolGroup00 and LogVol00 are your ...

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