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I just tested this in a docker container with an image of debian stretch. The current stable version of Clamav for Linux is 0.99.1. Source: clamscan does not have such an option, I checked the manpage. It seems that this option exists in the Windows version only.


from the bash man page: ${parameter:-word} Use Default Values. If parameter is unset or null, the expansion of word is substituted. Otherwise, the value of parameter is substituted. in your case, you would use $ function svcp() { def_msg="dev branch for $2" echo svn copy "repoaddress/branch/$1.0.x" "repoaddress/branch/dev/$2" -m ...


function svcp() { msg=${3:-dev branch for $2} svn copy "repoaddress/branch/$1.0.x" "repoaddress/branch/dev/$2" -m "$msg"; } the variable msg is set to $3 if $3 is non-empty, otherwise it is set to the default value of dev branch for $2. $msg is then used as the argument for -m.

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