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As @don_crissti points out: seq 3 | parallel -n0 curl example.com


Yes, it is. If you want to do two things concurrently, and wait for them both to complete, you can do something like: sh ./stay/get_it_ios.sh & PIDIOS=$! sh ./stay/get_it_mix.sh & PIDMIX=$! wait $PIDIOS wait $PIDMIX Your script will then run both scripts in parallel, and wait for both scripts to complete before continuing.


To find out how long it takes for the system to boot, systemd provides systemd-analyze. Without parameters, it will tell you the time to boot. Calling systemd-analyze critical-chain will print a tree of the chain of services that took the longest, while systemd-analyze blame will tell you how long each service took independently. Finally, systemd-analyze ...


Use systemd-analyze built-in tool. You are especially interested in two options: blame and plot systemd-analyze blame systemd-analyze plot > graph.svg blame: Print list of running units ordered by time to init plot: Output SVG graphic showing service initialization

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