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Have you tried adding the mesh interface to the br-lan bridge of OpenWRT? I can't give you an command for the CLI, but if I checkbox the mesh interface in the web gui to be part of the lan bridge, it works.


one may be for Europa -note, i've found a few, with (at least) different headers in the .bin file for AT, VN, and ST. addendum: there are some which have intel chipsets and others that don't. Perhaps there are (chinaiese) knock-offs?


Do not panic. I do not think that your router is bricked. It is just unreachable for you PC. Did you try to set the IP address of your PC manually to Your PC now has This address cannot communicate to your router.


Another tiny way is to use netcat (built-in in busybox). Router: tcpdump -w - | nc 1337 Host: nc -l -p 1337 > dump.pcap

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