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Using the configuration file with a GUI If you look at the proxpn script, you will see that the command issued is: openvpn --config $OPENVPN_CONF \ --remote $remote $PORT \ --auth-nocache \ --auth-user-pass $AUTH_CREDS If you want to feed the OpenVPN config file to some other tool (like a GUI or a mobile client), you might need to add those extra ...


You need to add routing to your server so ssh packets get routed via the server's public ip not the vpn. Failing to do that means the ssh return packet gets routed via openvpn. This is why you get locked out of your server after you've inititated an openvpn client session. Lets assume your server's: Public IP is a.b.c.d Public IP Subnet is a.b.c.0/24 ...

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