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Your HP C4738A drive is a DDS-5 tape drive, so you do have a tape drive in your server. You might get more details on the cause of the error you're getting from mt by looking at the output of dmesg. The HP Linux Tape Tools will probably come in handy...


I believe that btrfs is now the preferred filesystem if you want to allocate your whole disc (or most of it) to a filesystem. It is often (always) chosen now for root. Yes, snapshots are a big part of that. The booting system can now actually boot from a previous snapshots, and snapshots are taken automatically. It's saved me once. The xfs filesystem is ...


Your database contents, customized scripts, and configurations should be your top priority. A full system backup is always a good idea to make sure you're not forgetting any important stuff, or to do a quick recovery.


The file you need to make or edit is called ifcfg <interface>, where <interface> could be e.g. eth0 or eth1. On Freebsd and Debian I used :ifconfig <interface> <ip address> <netmask> and it worked please try it.

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