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used ssh with -i option to add your key here. if you want to pass arg1,arg2 with .sh file. just pass it after .sh file use space to seperate it. ssh -i home/avr/new.pem ar@ "/var/www/beta/ mmin 30"


Thanks to @Jakuje I checked the group membership with groups baz which showed that the effective group is not what I expecting from the entry in /etc/group. As we also have centrify installed, I looked at the config, which seems correct(baz was listed in /etc/centrifydc/groups.ignore). I restarted the agent (service centrifydc restart), which fixed the ...


No, you have little control over how the private keys are configured, and you can't detect / enforce any passphrase requirement on them. You also can't limit the size of the keys without modifying the OpenSSH source itself (i.e. there is no configuration option to achieve a minimum key length limit). You can limit the type of public keys accepted using the ...

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