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This is not possible with pf alone—you’d have to couple it with something like pflow(4) and related to handle the traffic accounting. You might also be able to cook something up with some output from pfctl.


Yes, it is up-to-date in the same way as you would following the -STABLE branch


Ethernet cards will be ordered and named using two criteria(not only ethernet cards): The manufacturer, will give you the name(igb, dc, em, de) that will be the same as the module. With the PCI Nuber from the lowest to the highest, you will have the interface numbers starting with zero. You can list all pci devices using the pciconf -l command, and check ...


tcpreplay is the wrong tool. Its job is to generate packets and send them to the network, not display their contents to stdout. If Wireshark (including its command-line utility tshark) is considered too resource hungry for you, then probably the only other option is tcpdump. Be aware that its packet decoding capabilities are not as rich as Wireshark's, but ...

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