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The applet for the Battery Monitor plugin does not use a simple icon. It draws a 2D vector graphic using the Cairo library. You can only edit the panel item's appearance within the limits provided by the plugin, which does not currently include an option for replacing it with an icon. It's normal that themes do not affect this panel item's appearance ...


There is also $ openbox --restart Since it was not mentioned yet, I will do it. This will not restart X as well. Presumably --restart is "stronger" than --reconfigure.


In addition to the answer provided by @munchschair which modifies the time format in the tint2 panel, the conky time format can also be set to display this format on the desktop itself. Edit /etc/conky/conky.conf as root. Replace ${time %T} with this ${time %I:%M %p}: ${goto 22}${font LCDMono:bold:size=18}${color3}${time %I:%M %p}${color}


In openbox, tint2 is being used as a panel. The configuration file to edit is /home/user/.config/tint2/tint2rc. Edit the date in the # Clock section like so: time1_format = %I:%M %p


I'm sorry, even after your clarifications I still don't understand what you are asking for but I'll take a stab at an answer anyway... I just want to display the time in 12 hour format, yes. The date command has many format specifiers that allow you to request the time to be presented in a format other than the default. Consult the man page. %I is the ...


The problem is that the click is executing before you release super, and Openbox distinguishes between a click and modifier+click. The cleanest solution is to use xdotool to also send a keyup event: xdotool mousemove 1000 5 keyup Super_L click 3 Using sleep as Timo suggested also works as long as you release super before sleep returns (thus the hit or miss ...


The page you want is Help:Bindings (accessible in the Wayback Machine as the site is currently not working. Similar information is also available in the manual. The recognized modifiers are: S Shift key C Control key A Alt key W Super key (Usually bound to the Windows key on keyboards which have one) M Meta key H Hyper key (If it is bound to something) ...

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