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It turns out it was the current day being highlighted causing the problem. I was able to fix it by turning highlighting off (cal -h)


As jasonwryan says, you can use xseticon to set the icon of windows. If you want to do this automatically, you can use Devil's Pie. I created a small script that sets a window's icon based on the current GNOME icon theme (it can easily be adapted to work with KDE). Here it is. The corresponding Devil's Pie configuration looks like: (spawn_sync ...


Thunderbird, as a GTK+ application, supports a --class command-line option that sets the WM_CLASS property: $thunderbird --class TEST & $obxprop | grep 'OB_APP' _OB_APP_TYPE(UTF8_STRING) = "normal" _OB_APP_TITLE(UTF8_STRING) = "Mozilla Thunderbird" _OB_APP_GROUP_CLASS(UTF8_STRING) = "TEST" _OB_APP_GROUP_NAME(UTF8_STRING) = "thunderbird" ...


I found that the responsible of this is the gnome-settings-daemon. /usr/libexec/gnome-settings-daemon


If I get the question correctly then your question is like this: whenever you click on ToggleShowDesktop then you want all open application to get minimized except terminator. If this is so then you can achieve this by writing a wrapper script, which will internally call two commands #!/bin/sh xdotool key "super+d" wmctrl -a "terminator" Replace the ...

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