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First of all: There are no drivers under Linux. There is something called "modules" which serves the same purpose and as some large company in Redmond, WA calls those "drivers", some people call it that too under Linux... ;-) Typing nvidia-settings --version will tell you what version of the NVidia module is currently installed (even when it's not ...


The correct solution is on reddit, and I'm repeating it here: It's fine. Remove nvidia-libgl. If you pacman -Si bumblebee, notice that it provides nvidia-ligbl. That means that it covers the dependency for other packages that require nvidia-libgl. by LazinCajun. Permalink


If it helps anybody, I did manage to install the nVidia drivers using nomodeset at first, and then trying several drivers to see which one would stick. My macbook pro 2008 has an nVidia GTM 8600. The driver I used was nvidia-173. You can select this from Administration -> Driver Manager. Each time a driver failed I would be pushed to the terminal. From ...


Please install kernel-devel and after run command "akmods --force" with root permission. After reboot, it will be working well.


Well because of nVidia Optimus, you cannot directly install the nVidia drivers off the nVidia site. This is cause your laptop dynamically switches from the Intel Video Card to the nVidia Card as and when needed. You will have to install Bumblebee or IronHide, I use Bumblebee and have no problems with it and recommend that. To install Bumblebee follow the ...

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