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From the error message I would guess that means that the "diver is not new enough to support the nvidia-settings page" This is none too surprising since the GFX 5 series is over 10 years old which is like 80 in human years. The amazing bit is that nVidia maintained driver support for that antique through 2008.


You seem to be mixing things. You should not trust any article on the internet that the "VGA Controller recognizes a video card" or not. You have two video controllers in your system, one is the integrated graphics controller of your CPU which is VGA compatible, the other is the nVidia GeForce one. New drivers for nVidia are supposed to support that board, ...


Execute these commands in a terminal, in this order. Step 4 adds the Xorg Developers PPA. Once completed, tell me if step 7 installs the same version you downloaded. Step 3 removes the offending module that is still loaded. Step 5 removes the need for nomodeset on your kernel command line, so please remove whatever edit you made to /etc/default/grub ...

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