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For CentOS I think it's best to download the driver from the Nvidia webiste. Not sure if there is a binary RPM package for Centos somewhere out there. To install the driver from Nvidia you also will have to install gcc and kernel-sources and I would recommend to install dmks as well. Then install the package as root. chmod +x ...


My approach is less than ideal but it works. Edit: {caffe_root}/python/caffe/ Add the following lines to the top: import matplotlib matplotlib.use('Agg')


Here's your best option: Use hwinfo --framebuffer as described, choose a video mode you would like to see during boot in console, then add the option vga=nnn to the kernel boot parameters. The only trick is that nnn is the video mode you selected from the list produced by hwinfo - CONVERTED TO DECIMAL !!! If you try vga=0xwhatever it's not going to work. ...

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