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In the past I used this plugin: a quote from the official plugin page: display unread messages count in tray icon Worked perfectly as far as I can remember.


You simply use wall; running it as root will ensure every terminal displays the message. wall Your attention please\! Older versions of wall only accept a file name on their command-line, or a message piped in: echo Your attention please\! | wall


man wall will give you what you need. You execute wall with either a filename, or you pipe content to it. For example, either, wall to broadcast the content of the file or echo "Dive\!" | wall to send the message Dive! Update: As Stephen points out in this answer, later versions of wall can send messages by simply typing, wall ...


notify-send is simple, all you need to do is call it from your bash script like this notify-send 'some title' 'some message' You'll get nice little notification pupup on KDE.


It's possible; once the patch completed, we got email notifications on Redhat satellite server.

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