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There was some corruption in my file system. I just booted system by inserting rescue disk and then checked file system with e2fsck, and restarted the system. This solved my issue.


No service accounts such as this are typically not configured to be logged into. You can see this if you look at the file /etc/passwd. You can also see it using the getent command. Example $ getent passwd saml saml:x:1000:1000:saml:/home/saml:/bin/bash Notice that my account is setup to use a shell, /bin/bash. Meanwhile a service account is not. $ ...


If you are not logged in/elevated as root, and are a "regular" user, you will need to provide the password for another user account. However, you may want to look into sudo to achieve what you are trying accomplish. You will likely need to consult with your sysadmin to properly set you up in the sudoers file in order to grant you the access you require.


You can make the shadow file readable by a dedicated group, such as "shadow", and have your application run setgid to that instead. This at least ensures that if your system is compromised it only can read the user database, and not every file in the system. However, your application will be unable to change the credentials of a process unless it is the ...

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