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Well, to be sure, you'll need to run that script with escalated permissions. Imagine that someone has an suid program inside the following directory: $ ls -ld sneaky d--x------. 2 user111 g1 4096 May 26 17:19 sneaky $ ./sneaky/test.sh runs Your script will not be able to find that file, even if your program runs as user user111.


There are two types of filesystem drivers: kernel or userland. Kernel filesystem drivers are the classical type. They are faster, but since they run kernel code, it is hard to control what they do. For this reason, by default only the system administrator (the root user) can mount a filesystem using a kernel filesystem driver. The administrator can ...


In order to mount a ISO/BIN/CUE file as a loopback device (i.e. mount -o loop) the user must be a member of the group with which is assigned to the file. Additional methods of mounting the file are to set the SUID bit, assign the user to the cdrom group, setting the user/group combination as options within the /etc/fstab file etc. See 'man mount' for more ...


I'm not sure your question has a clean answer because of the way mounting impacts the system. I found this thread : Why does mount require root privileges? it mentions the way mounting can be used to gain root access to a system, thus it's generally locked down to the root user - so it's not really a cut and dry thing it would seem. However, I'm sure if ...


Depending on what files you want, you can create a new group (/etc/group) and make the file writable (and the directory containing it if you want the user to create new files) by that group (e.g., chgrp <groupname> <file>; chmod g+w <file>


You have to use commands su or sudo. Just adding user to group wheel or adding in sudoers is not enough. The su command switches to the root user – when you execute it with no additional options. You will have to enter the root account’s password. This isn’t all the su command does. You can use it to switch to any user account. If you execute the su john, ...

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