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Instead of using sudo to grant the possibility to use unshare, you could use the setuid bit, because the unshare program is designed to work with it. It says in the man page: The unshare command drops potential privileges before executing the target program. This allows to setuid unshare. So after executing sudo chmod u+s /usr/bin/unshare, running ...


Some package managers support relocation. RPM in particular supports relocation, where the package itself has been built to support it. More information on rpm --relocate at rpm.org:Relocatable packages A comment by the maintainer of yum in 2008 (Seth Vidal) suggests that support for relocation within yum is unlikely. yum mailing list:Yum relocate option


If it's standard for /dev/rtc0 to belong to the audio group in Arch, you could just add yourself to the audio group (using adduser; you'll need to log out and log back in for the change to be effective). Alternatively, you could add an ACL giving yourself access to the device (look up setfacl to see how to do this). Ideally you shouldn't need to access the ...

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