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What you're using isn't KVM directly, but a management library called libvirt. You can specify a user which will have access to libvirt's setup (and thus creating VMs and pretty much running virsh commands) by adding the users to the libvirtd and kvm groups on the host. You can also use policykit to manage access, the procedure is described in the libvirt ...


There are two options, comment out the Defaults requiretty setting from /etc/sudoers as you mentioned or use the pseudo-tty allocation (-t) argument for ssh. Try the following in your jenkins script: ssh -t "sudo command" Although you will have to have ssh pre-shared keys configured to yourself and run it once manually to add an entry to ...


This is a known problem, if you ssh as root somewhere and then su to become a normal user: $ ssh root@server # su -l anthon $ screen Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/3' - please check. It is e.g. described in these posts from 2005 The solution is to directly login as the user you want the screen session to run as.


Found this solution: crontab -e i @reboot /opt/teamspeak3-server_linux-x86/ts3server_startscript.sh restart <esc> :wq

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