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According to the locale(1) man page it can - you'll need to set the LOCPATH environment variable to point to the directory of your choosing (at least on some Linux systems). Note, that there are several sources of locale(1) man page - I have been able to locate at least two referring to Linux. I suppose you'll need to try to see whether this works on your ...


Copy the postgresql unit file: cp /usr/lib/systemd/system/postgresql.service \ /etc/systemd/system/postgresql-userxy.service Then edit postgresql-userxy.service and add User= and WorkingDirectory= to the [Service] section. After that enable the service: systemctl daemon-reload systemctl enable postgresql-userxy.service


You need to add yourself to the wheel group: sudo usermod -a -G wheel $LOGNAME Then GUI would ask for your password, not the root's one.


All applications ran by normal user need extra permission to access /dev/* (that is owned by root, and other users need to be added to groups, like You said, to be able to manipulate files there according to group permissions) To answer Your question mkfs is utility for formatting from commandline, for example mkfs.exfat (with arguments) to allow users to ...

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