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The pcregrep utility supports matching for multi-line patterns, so this is easy. First, you need a list of files to search within; in a git repository, my own git find utility can be useful for this, but regular find(1) and other tools will also do. Pass the list of files to pcregrep, dump its output into a temporary file, then hand-review the file list (e....


With POSIX awk: awk '{sub(/\r/,"")}1' CRLF.txt > LF.txt awk '{sub(/$/,"\r")}1' LF.txt > CRLF.txt


Short answer No Longer answer EOL-problem is problem of Working Copies|working directories, not platform-independent repository storage. svn:eol-style=native on every client for all text/ types is answer for different client-side OS in SVN

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