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Best way I found for that matter is to print the dhcp configuration files, found on /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient.(interface).leases, and look for the routers definition there


I noticed this issue when I check for local listening ports with ss -utln before Google brought me here. My first thought of disabling this is to take a look at chrome://flags. And I found this: chrome://flags/#device-discovery-notifications Disabling this so-called "device discovery" feature turns off listening of mDNS port 5353/tcp. You need to relaunch ...


In case the comments to the question were not clear enough, I am adding an answer here, along with a few Pointers not mentioned in those comments. "Why doesn't Tomcat doesn't show up when I grep netstat's output for 8080 ?" Short Answer : Because Port Number 8080 is getting converted to string http_alt, which will not match the grep pattern. Details : From ...

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