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On my system (Debian Jessie) I found all the normal methods of specifying a default application wouldn't override the one hiding in ~/.config/mimeapps.list. Thunar insisted on opening a particular file with gedit even after I told it to make the correct application the default. When I removed the setting from ~/.config/mimeapps.list, it started working ...


This was hardcoded in Nautilus as per the devs decision to only show basic type information in the Type column by default, so that sorting by type would group type families. The basic types are defined in nautilus-file.c based on generic (symbolic) icon names1: struct { const char *icon_name; const char *display_name; } mime_type_map[] = { ...


I believe Nautilus gets the file description from the location /usr/share/applications. You could find more useful information from my other answer here. Particularly, this answer in Ask Ubuntu discusses how the file assosiciations are stored in detail. The file manager (Nautilus, by default) uses the MIME type of a file to determine which program to ...


Why don't you just use the context menu key? Most keyboards have it beside AltGr. If you keyboard does not have it, you can use .Xmodmap (merge it on the fly with xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap afterwards to test) to enable a right click shortcut for all programs.


There already is one. It's Shift+F10. This is a standard keystroke and works in many apps. And of course many keyboards have a dedicated context-menu key; it's the complement of the Windows key. Either should work. Both do for me on Ubuntu 14.04 with Unity & Nemo.

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