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The answer came to the older once closed question now reopened. Summing up what I have learned from the main answer: Nemo or Nautilus actions are similar in content and purpose (namely, adding menu items) but vary with respect to the extension name. (In nautilus, newly created actions and menus will be stored on the disk as .desktop files, In nemo as ...


Installing the Dropbox deb files from the Dropbox website (Ubuntu or Debian, I have not tested others) will not install Nautilus, although gdebi says a Nautilus extension will be installed. Installing just Dropbox from Ubuntu sources in Synaptic or in terminal will neither install Nautilus. File manager integration is also provided in Synaptic (Ubuntu ...


Assuming you are referring to caja, the default file manager on Cinnamon, you can get the path by pressing Ctrl + L and you can open a terminal by right clicking and selecting the relevant option: The screenshot above was taken on Cinnamon 2.2.16 and caja caja 1.8.2.

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