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Despite the fact that suid shell scripts are always seen as a security risk, you need to specifc the -p shell flag to prevent the shell from restoring the uid to the real uid. So you should add: #!/bin/sh -p to the beginning of your script


For the first level of information in the command file you can use file. $ file gtu.pdf gtu.pdf: PDF document, version 1.4 For most formats, and more detailed information, you can also use Exiftool: NAME exiftool - Read and write meta information in files SYNOPSIS exiftool [OPTIONS] [-TAG...] [--TAG...] FILE... exiftool ...


Within Nautilus preferences I don't see an appropriate option. In my case, I had to copy terabytes of data from a failing drive (the transfer rates were very unstable). I was using Krusader for this, which provides a progress bar via KDE's notification icon. While researching I discovered an amazing command line utility rsync. rsync -r --info=progress2 ...


Run the cp command with the -v argument in an xterm.


The nautilus in ubuntu 14.04 does not have tree option in the left pane, however it works fine once you get used to it. Here is how to copy a file to another folder without using the copy command: Click the file and drag it to the folder or disk in the left pane That folder or disk will open in the right pane Continue to drag the file to the sub folder ...


I think this is the same subtle issue I stumbled over for a while... Look at the dconf(7) man page carefully. You're trying to set DCONF_PROFILE to a directory, not to a file. Really, this isn't necessary, since effectively DCONF_PROFILE defaults to user, so just name the file /etc/dconf/profile/user to ensure it gets read: # cat /etc/dconf/profile/user ...


One possible solution is to: Ditch nautilus from the desktop as well (you can keep it on your computer but set it not to manage your desktop). From terminal, goto gnome-tweak-tools and from the "desktop" menu, remove options for "have the file-manager manage the desktop". Let PCManFM manage the desktop as well. Here's how: Source: ...

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