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That you did not receive notifications is because all the reported states are SOFT. Notifications are only sent out for HARD states. You need to look into the service configuration and check the value of max_check_attempts for your service.


In order to monitor your localhost using nrpe you also need to install the nrpe client. If the client is installed and started the port 5666 should be open. You can verify that using netstat -an|grep 5666.


eth0:1 is a virtual interface off of eth0. The mac address of a virtual IP is always the same as the mac that it is based off of, here eth0. So as suggested in the comments by Mark Plotnick, if you want to have another interface (on a virtual machine) don't put a colon in the name, but use another number, e.g. eth2. Don't get confused: a virtual IP is not ...

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