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So I'm not sure why ntpdate seems to be running if you have NTP installed. You don't mention what OS/distribution this is on, so I'll have to keep this general, but: Remove any crontab calls to ntpdate and remove the call to ntpd -q. Remove ntpd from your system package manager and reinstall it. View /etc/ntp.conf and make sure the upstream timeservers are ...


Any specific reason you cannot use check_swap from nagios-plugins? check_swap -w 80% -c 60% If you insist on using sar, why calculate an absolute value for the threshold at all, can't you just use the value from the %swpused column to determine check state? SWPUSED=$(sar -S -f $SA | tail -2 | head -1 | awk '{print $5}') SWPUSED_ROUNDED=$(printf "%.0f" ...

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