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We have the plugins directory in the monitored host (CLIENT), because you installed the nagios plugins. Nagios monitoring host executes the check_nrpe plugin specified for example as the following command: $USER1$/check_nrpe -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -c check_disk $HOSTADDRESS$ is the IP address of your CLIENT machine (monitored host). On the monitored host the ...


Try changing the the installation path in the configure file. As I can see in the documentation, first you have to execute ./configure. If you grep the path /usr/local you will find the following ac_default_prefix=/usr/local ac_default_prefix=/usr/local/nagios So I think it could be a way, what do you think? Give a try


You could also use pidof. Check out man pidof or info pidof. For example, running it on my current setup presents the following: pidof chrome 3946 3202 3194 3175 3154 3137 3114 3103 3077 3024 3019 3012 3005 2998 As @Ijaz has suggested, you could also get the count by: pidof chrome | wc -l 14


You can use pgrep. See man pgrep $pgrep nagios #list all the process ids for counting: $pgrep nagios | wc -l

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