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mysql should be able to do that for you. But if you have to post-process that output, I'd use: perl -MTime::Piece -lne ' if (/^(\S+)\s+(\d{4}\S+\s+\S+)/ and $t = Time::Piece->strptime($2, "%Y-%m-%d %T") and time - $t->epoch <= 5*60 ) {print $1}' That assumes user names can't contain spacing characters.


My answer has 2 parts: investigation of the block device driver; an optimisation worth looking at with your use case. Investigation of Hardware I understood that for the same application but on 2 different hardware the performance is very different and you would like to understand why. Therefore I propose first a mean to help you find an answer for the ...


Just because a process is in top and utilizing resources does not mean it's experiencing errors. This is expected with databases, especially with databases such as MySQL. To see what exactly is going on with MySQL you can use mytop or run SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST; from within the mysql client.


It seems to me that most people create a directory named mysql inside of /var/log, change the owner of this folder to the mysql user. sudo mkdir /var/log/mysql sudo chown mysql:mysql /var/log/mysql That should do it. Be sure to update the server's logging location and restart it. After you've tested re-enable mysql's apparmor profile.

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