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The gzip error message states pretty much what is going on -- the file is being written to (by MySQL in this case) during compression. Try using delaycompress (with compress); from the man page: delaycompress Postpone compression of the previous log file to the next rotation cycle. This only has effect when used in combination with compress. It ...


The mysql command is the thing that actually generates the output, so redirect its standard output (stdout).  Change the second line to mysql -uUSER -p'PASSWORD' >> myfile.csv << EndOfFile using >> to append to myfile.csv, if it already exists.


systemctl is not your dæmon. It is not even a process that spawns your dæmon. It is a program that tells the service manager process to spawn your dæmon via Desktop Bus RPC. So systemctl does not know anything about the command line arguments passed to your dæmon. Those are in your dæmon's service unit file, the ...


Easiest way is probably to install Ubuntu 14.04 on the new system including mysql-server packages you already have installed on the old system; use dpkg -l mysql\* to show what those packages are (make your terminal wide enough first to not truncate columns). Ensure the new system has the same or newer versions (not older versions). Now stop mysql on old ...

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