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Some trickery with hooks. You might want to think twice about storing passwords into .muttrc. At least take care to use application specific passwords instead of your main Google account password when you do something as insecure as this. # Gmail account passwords and usernames set my_gmail_user1 = "<account 1, without @gmail or anything>" set ...


The obvious answer is Alpine, which used to be Pine, but was freed by the University of Washington. Pine is non-free software, Alpine is free software. Alpine is quite similar to Mutt, but Mutt is generally considered to be more powerful and flexible. The current active branch of Alpine is a fork called Re-Alpine, since the University of Washington has ...


Your terminal must support 256-colors and have appropriate TERM environment variable set. You likely do not have 256-color support enabled. For xterm: export TERM="xterm-256color" For urxvt: export TERM="urxvt-256color" For tmux/screen: export TERM="screen-256color" I would place it in ~/.bashrc, ~/.bash_profile or ~/.profile depending on ...


You can add a dollar-sign "$" after the "d" and mutt will sync immediately after marking the message(s). Hitting "$" any time will just sync.

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