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resend-message (Esc-e) lets you create and edit a new message based on a previous one. Just change the recipient and send. If several is tens or hundreds, then make a shell/perl/whatever script to call mutt for each recipient in a database.


It may be the network going down and up, particularly wireless. Mutt uses blocking IO which is an old design and is not likely to be fix anytime soon. See: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=105030. The issue is likely to be resolved by offlineimap + mutt setup.


I think that Mutt behaves correctly when replying, but is incorrect when stripping the quotation marks in the pager view (note: in the index view, the quotation marks are not stripped). Indeed, according to RFC 2047, an encoded-word such as =?UTF-8?Q?=22Foo_Bar=22?= is used in place of an atom. So, the encoded quotes here are not used as part of the message ...

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