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I found a solution that works for me even though it is not pretty. set record = "+INBOX" I just set record to my inbox, in that way the messages get threaded. It might not be ideal when I am the first sending an e-mail, but normally I will get an answer, so no issue.


Because some functions are not working directly with gpgme interface. For example, the following functions aren't working in my environment: ^K extract-keys <Esc>k mail-key when all the basic key functions are working with gpgme.


In the referenced link somebody is asking how to use mutt together with Gmail. The given answer is therefor pointing to the Gmail servers. If you want to setup mutt to use an external email server see http://dev.mutt.org/trac/wiki/MuttFaq/Sendmail, especially the How do I configure Mutt to use a remote SMTP server to send mail? section which states: set ...

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