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I'd recommend using URL syntax notation for the IMAP folder as explained in the manual. This should work for the mailbox name: imaps://user@domain.lan:password@mail.domain.lan From the manual: This has the advantage that multiple IMAP, POP3 or SMTP servers may be specified (which isn't possible using, for example, $imap_user). The username may ...


Here is a procmail solution: # extract date from mail :0 TMPDATE=| formail -x Date # get local date LOCALDATE=`date --rfc-2822 -d "$TMPDATE"` # add it new header to the mail :0 f | formail -I "LocalDate: $LOCALDATE" And display LocalDate: in muttrc: unignore localdate


Naive Solution I will assume that your logs have file names which match the glob /xx/xx/logs/xx/*.log and that you want to send mail to somebody@host.com newest=$(ls -rt /xx/xx/logs/xx/*.log | tail -n 1) echo 'An error occured' | mutt somebody@host.com -s "Logs" -a "$newest" This approach works if the files have well-behaved names. In general, though, ...

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