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date | mutt $USER -s "$subject" -a file1 file2 words for me. In the same way: mutt $USER -s "$subject" -a file1 file2 << EOF Hello Word EOF and also for $u in User1 User2 do date | mutt $u -s "message to $u" -a file1.jpg file2.txt done


OK. So after a long time debugging this, I found this post that gives the real solution. If you have the said problem, and aren't using 2-factor auth, you need to login to the web version of Gmail and then go to: https://accounts.google.com/b/0/DisplayUnlockCaptcha Now, try Mutt - it should login now.


In your ~/.muttrc or ~/.mutt/muttrc, files which may be or may not be reside in your home directory, you can add the following lines: set smtp_url="smtp://yourusername@smtp.example.com:587/" set smtp_pass="insertyourpasswordhere" This only works if the smtp option is enabled during compilation. If neither of these files are in your home directory, you ...


resend-message (Esc-e) lets you create and edit a new message based on a previous one. Just change the recipient and send. If several is tens or hundreds, then make a shell/perl/whatever script to call mutt for each recipient in a database.

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