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Setting autoedit=yes, composing will go directly to the message editor without prompting for recipient or subject. Note that you must also have edit_headers set. As @lcd047 mentions, this feature inhibits all the send hooks before calling the editor.


I don't think it's possible to skip the initial recipient. You probably shouldn't do it anyway, since Mutt has a lot of useful hooks to the various addresses, and some of these hooks depend on the initial recipients (f.i. I choose between several .signature files in several languages based on these). There is a program named lbdb that essentially does tab ...


There is also sup — "The hacker's Mail User Agent"


This isn't an entirely ideal solution but if you install VimRoom then you can set your mutt pager to vim and have it activate Vimroom. Set this in your ~/.muttrc: set pager="view -c 'set nomod nolist' -c 'runtime! macros/less.vim' -c ':VimroomToggle' -c ':map q :VimroomToggle<CR>:q<CR>'" set prompt_after=no Here I source less.vim which ...


Since procmail isn't used as your MDA, it won't be called. I suggest you to work on the basis of a shell script which will be fired regularly through cron and will use formail to explicitly feed procmail. Here is a skeleton for such a shell script: $ cat <<eof >splitter.sh #!/bin/sh orig_mailbox=${HOME}/Mail/Inbox [ -s ${orig_mailbox} ] ...


I had the same thing and this is what worked for me. set ssl_starttls=yes set ssl_force_tls=yes set imap_user = "user@example.com" set imap_pass = "!HASHEDPASSWORD!" set folder = imap://mail.example.com/ set spoolfile = imap://mail.example.com/INBOX # SMTP user auth # # fill in the right user and pass based on your setup # # protocols: smtp for TLS ...

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