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Yes, you can do it with screen which has multiuser support. First, create a new session: screen -d -m -S multisession Attach to it: screen -r multisession Turn on multiuser support: Press Ctrl-a and type :multiuser on :acladd USER ← use username of user you want to give access to your screen Now, Ctrl-a d and list the sessions: $ screen -ls ...


This may be worth to read: Another input: multiple user folders and one shared folder http://hexeract.wordpress.com/2011/02/25/configure-a-webdav-enabled-webserver-for-multiple-user-folders-and-one-shared-folder/


I used this one as guide to set up webdav: http://bernaerts.dyndns.org/linux/75-debian/62-debian-webdav-share yes, Apache is the group (www-data under Debian) but you can add users to that group, so I added one user. Did not test why you may not add other users.... The webdav server using in principle this setup runs now for 3 yrs at my and my sons place ...

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