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This is an example of "lost in translation". "Select" means subtly-different things in X11 and Mac. Under X11, selecting something is a system-wide event. Ever noticed that when you select something in one window, traditional X11 applications in other windows deselect whatever you had selected? In the Mac way of thinking, selecting is local to an ...


I was having a similar problem for a couple of weeks (Debian 8 Jessie, Macbook Pro July 2012). Every time I hit / held a key down, the mouse would stutter across the screen, even as everything else ran at a normal speed. I was examining this in the code of a game I'm writing, so I could see the nature of mouse input changing as a key was held - those values ...


The most common issue with a defective mouse is the clicking which works on and off or starts to click by itself or double-click when you click. Any software patch will only waste your time as it would be very annoying to work with and the situation will continue to deteriorate.


Only the OS X terminal emulator can set the cursor position, when combining the left mouse button click with "Option". For linux terminal emulators, this feature is not available/wanted as of Q3_2016. There was at some point a request for the gnome terminal emulator to support this, but I do not think this feature is implemented (yet).


bash has the built-in ability to call an external editor to edit the current command line you're working on. Mouse support depends on the editor used. If you're using bash's emacs-like mode, use Ctrl-XCtrl-E to access the editor. If you're using vi-like keybindings, use ESCv You can also use the built-in fc command to edit any previous line. $ help ...

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