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Beyound the SSH X11Forwading way I succeeded in XDMCP! Use Xnest or Xephyr in Domain0: Xnest :1 -geometry 1280x800 -query 10.0.1.x Xephyr :1 -screen 1280x1024 -query 192.168.1.x The only thing you have to do is to enable remote login in your VM or DomainU by manually editing /etc/gdm/custom.cfg or using the gdmsetup GUI program. Here CentOS 5 DomainU is ...


Linux supports DisplayPort just as well as any other digital display output. As long as you have your graphics drivers properly installed, it should behave just as it would with DVI-D. No special procedures should be required, unless the monitor you buy just happens to be screwy. Buying a screwy monitor can usually be avoided by taking into account user ...

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