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It seems like nvidia-349.16-1 is broken. When I remove that package tty's show up on both monitors again.


Here's a solution that solved the issue for me (for Xubuntu 12): In directory /etc/X11/Xsession.d/ create a file 45-custom_xrandr-settings (with Xubuntu 13 its name would have to be 45x11-custom_xrandr-settings). The content of the file is (for my case; adjust the definitions as necessary): # The IDs of the screens INTERNAL_OUTPUT="DVI-1" ...


I worked with a research group and the cluster for which a paper was published on how to do this very thing -- but for very large displays. So it might be in the "overkill" category. Nevertheless, I'm sure you'll find some interesting ideas here. Cross-LUT Color Correction for Large Tiled Displays


I just solved a similar issue here: a solution I used fakexrandr, fakexrandr But I am seeing that some people are using fakexinerama fakexinerama

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