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It sounds like you need an introduction to make, produced by our friends over at GNU, I believe. Make can look at a bunch of intermediate files and determine which ones need to be recompiled. And based on which one(s) of those, also figure out which ones need their supporting files rebuilt, thus recursing. You will need to set it up in advance by creating ...


Cygwin aims to maximise POSIX and Linux source compatibility, whereas MinGW provides a GNU toolchain for building native Windows application. Hopefully this means that your Linux application requires no or only minor changes to build on Cygwin, whereas porting code using POSIX/Linux-specific APIs to native Windows can be a major effort. However, if you can ...


So, it looks like you're not really asking a question around build frameworks, but rather a specific question about how to determine if a certain line exists in a text file? If you want to find out if the string foo exists in a file, then: if grep -q foo thefile; then # it's there else # otherwise fi should do the trick.


There are some purely Unixoid-shell issues here, I hope MSYS is not adding extra problems, too. Doing multiple levels of quoting can be tricky. I usually prefer to avoid them if possible. The modification below uses the $@ parameter to store and retrieve the arguments that will have embedded whitespace. If you need multiple such lists of arguments with ...

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