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A simple way would be to use GNU time command. /usr/bin/time python /usr/bin/time /bin/sh -c 'ghc -o test test.hs; ./test' /usr/bin/time /bin/sh -c 'gcc -o test test.c; ./test' To normalize for starting the shell, I would also add a /bin/sh -c to the python command. time has many options for formatting the output and including memory, I/O and ...


What the system will do with the remaining 20%? The kernel will use the remaining physical memory for its own purposes (internal structures, tables, buffers, caches, whatever). The memory overcommitment setting handle userland application virtual memory reservations, the kernel doesn't use virtual memory but physical one. Why is this parameter required ...


Total_vm was badly calculated by me and the OOM report is correct. app has allocated 59739 pages which is 233MB. So, this is the correct reason of OOM.

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