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A page fault occurs when a memory access fails because the MMU lookup for the virtual address ended in an invalid descriptor or in a descriptor indicating a lack of permissions (e.g. write attempt to a read-only page). When a page fault occurs, the processor performs a few actions; the details are specific to each processor architectures but the gist is the ...


Having a cluster to do any heavy-lifting that occurs lowers the requirements for your personal desktop. I was a sysadmin for a few small clusters for the phylogenetics group at Dalhousie University for a few years. All I ever needed on my own desktop was a text editor, terminal emulator+ssh client, and web browser. One of our clusters came with remote ...


Found this on Github : https://github.com/volatilityfoundation/volatility You could try : $linux_yarascan or : $linux_volshell which should open a shell in the linux memory image.

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