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You should be able to run MATE without using systemd as your system's init, but as it stands in Debian currently you need to have the systemd package installed, because mate-desktop-environment ends up depending on libpam-systemd which depends on systemd. To use all this alongside sysvinit (or Upstart) you need to install systemd-shim instead of ...


It was a bug that should be fixed by now. It is yet present in Linux Mint 17.3, but was fixed in Ubuntu Mate 16.04, which comes with mate-menu version 5.7.1.


This is nothing to do with ls and everything do with the way numbers are output from awk. The man page for awk shows that the default numeric output format is .6g, which means a double length floating point number will be output with 6 digits of precision, using either the exponent format (that you see) or a decimal. You can change this to an explicit ...

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