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What it follows is just a collection of some references and hints too wide to be written in a comment. Your problem seems to be similar to an old Ubuntu bug. Following the proven philosophy of restart and hope the problem disappear by itself you find one of the workaround proposed (the #3). :-) Note: the workaround #1 was killall gnome-panel the ...


If you aren't able to drag the handle of the notification area towards the right side, perhaps it's because is locked. Right-click on it and see if the "Locked" option (or whatever similar) is ticked.


In the terminal type mate-screensaver-preferences &, or from the Control Panel, select Screensaver - then deselect Lock screen when screensaver is active. You can find timeout settings there, too.


You probably have a .pam_environment file with double quotes around the values of the LC_ variables: # WRONG LC_TIME="en_US.UTF-8" Instead, it should look like this (no quotes): LC_TIME=en_US.UTF-8 So, either remove your .pam_environment file mv ~/.pam_environment ~/.pam_environment.off or edit it to remove the double-quotes around the values: perl ...


there are several ways to achieve your not completely clear goal(s): you can stay with Raspbian: since Raspbian is based on Debian, you can take a look at the Debian Wiki for further informations about .xinitrc. and if you do so, why you install MATE when you are familiar with and searching for Xfce? if you want to work with the MATE Desktop Environment ...

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