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Try reinstalling the display manager. If that does not work, install a different display manager. This will force debconf to reconfigure the display manager to be used.


I'm afraid not. Most Linux distributions provide some set of basic utility programs - graphical text editor, image viewer, file manager, window manager, terminal emulator, and so on. While some of these programs' names could be possible to get rather easily, if you are checking this on somebody's system and not a fresh install, you can never be sure, since ...


All the instances of Mate Terminal have the same PID because they are in fact a single process which happens to display multiple windows. Mate Terminal runs in a single process because that's the way the application is designed. When you run the command mate-terminal, it contacts the existing process and sends it an instruction to open a new window. As of ...


I am completely ignorant of mate terminal, but from the sounds of it, the program may be multi-threaded. Threads share the same PID.


The most practical reason: so the binaries don't collide with the forks. If you type nautilus while having MATE and GNOME installed, which would be executed? It wouldn't be possible to even having both installed at the same time due sharing namespace in the directories too. That's why forks normally rename the specific applications, apart of the obvious of ...


The applications were renamed to avoid conflicting with their GNOME 3 counterparts. For example, in Debian Jessie I can install both caja and nautilus, at the same time.

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