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In the linux kernel source code in sysrq.c at line 415, there is a struct defined, what should happen when a certain key is pressed. So you see, no command in a terminal is excuted, instead of this, hard coded functions in the kernel are called. So, as long as the kernel is not crashed, you can press those keys, doesn't matter which application is running in ...


as linked in the wikipedia article in external links ... you can see that documentation here: Linux Magic System Request Key Hacks edit: this is also found in Linux kernel source under the Documentation subdirectory


Yes, this is possible, at least from NoVNC with KVM based guest. The trick is to understand that VNC has been built for X11. Hence, on the wire, the keycodes you need to send are the one used internally by X11. In this specific use case, this is: 0xffe9 --> alt 0xff15 --> sysrq 0x0062 --> b Sources VNC protocol specification, section 6.4.4 ...

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