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The command line option -o (o standing for "Override-sort-field") also works on my Xubuntu machine and according to the Mac man page of top it shoult work on a Macintosh too. If I want to short by memory usage I usually use top -o %MEM which shorts by the column %MEM. But I can use VIRT, RES or SHR too. On a Macintosh I would probably use mem or vsize. I ...


Perhaps check /var/log/messages ?


I went in a different direction and solved my problem. Braiam's comment and Anthon's answer got me to thinking and researching Samba. That led me to discover that Linux has a service for AFP (Apple File Protocol) which is Apple file sharing. The Linux service is Netatalk. Not only does it respect my file name changes, it also allows me to use other ...


According to wikipedia (last paragraph): HFS saves the case of a file that is created or renamed but is case-insensitive in operation. In practise this often means you cannot rename a file while preserving the name. Running this via Samba (that probably expects a case-sensitive filesystem underneath, as those have been around for at least 30 years), ...

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