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To simplify even further: Firstly, you should use keys rather than passwords (which you're now doing). Secondly, add the following to your ~/.ssh/config Host storageserver ProxyCommand ssh gatewayserver nc %h %p Thirdly, use rsync so your script becomes a single command: rsync -havz storageserver:/path/retrievedfolder/ backup/retrievedfolder.$(date ...


sudo dscl . -read /Users/root Password If root is enabled it will output Password: ********, otherwise it will be just No such key: Password. Alternative: sudo plutil -p /var/db/dslocal/nodes/Default/users/root.plist | grep -A 2 passwd If the result is: "passwd" => [ 0 => "********" ] Then root is enabled. If it's: "passwd" => [ 0 => ...


If you do not want to use flash drive (that is the simple way to do it usually), maybe you can access to your bios settings and select PXE booting (network based solution basically https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preboot_Execution_Environment). But you will need some extra work to set a pxe server to serve your live linux image.


The solution in this answer solves this problem. Specifically: By security, I added all the "drivers_x64" folder by doing ./install.sh --alldrivers at the rEFInd installation On my EFI partition under Yosemite (stored on/dev/disk0s1), I renamed the "refind" folder to "BOOT" Inside that folder, I renamed "refind_x64.efi" to "bootx64.efi"


The boot menu should have failsafe mode in one of the options.


Just a little thing I'd like to add. The command above worked perfectly for me, but it couldn't see my name of the partition and wouldn't mount with Disk Utility, so I had to mount the drive in Terminal first: (my disk is disk0s3) diskutil mount /dev/disk0s3 (in case someone else runs into the same thing I did, just always remember to check which ...


You'll want to run brew install homebrew/versions/boost155 $ brew search boost boost homebrew/science/boost-compute boost-bcp homebrew/versions/boost149 boost-build homebrew/versions/boost150 boost-python homebrew/versions/boost155 Caskroom/cask/iboostup ...

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