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I installed htop 0.8 from MacPorts with sudo port install htop


The original question seems to have been for a Mac, but for anyone else stumbling across this answer, on Red Hat Linux (and many others), 'top -m' starts top with results sorted by memory usage.


To boot MacOS from grub, you need just a single line in the MacOS entry: exit. This will exit grub and then the efi firmware will use the second partition in the boot order, which should be your MacOS installation (if Fedora hasn't messed up the order, otherwise you would need to fix that with efibootmgr).


Thanks to Weaselboy REF : source There are two parts to Java. There is the JRE (you are on 1.7) that OS X uses to run Java apps on your Mac. Then there is the Java web plugin (you are on 1.8) that is used to run Java on web pages. If you want to update both you need to install the full JDK. That said, there is really nothing wrong with what you have ...


I have the mid 2015 macbook pro (UK keyboard), and have most of the features working with Fedora 22. The brightness setting returning to 100% after reboot, and non-working hibernation/shutdown are the only two issues I'm aware of that I haven't fixed. Here's what I did: Mac OS Boot: Probably not much different to Marcelo's response, but I fixed this by ...


What happens if you intercept the boot holding down the alt [option] key after POST? (POST = "Power-On Self Test; that is, the beep or, in a Mac's case, the "bong" sound that the computer makes after it has successfully powered on.)


Thank you Stephen ! So I did that: I added this line to /etc/apt/sources.list: deb http://http.debian.net/debian/ jessie main contrib non-free Then, I ran this command: apt-get install firmware-b43-installer Just a reboot and it works !

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