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I am using Ubuntu 13.10 as the host and I had the same issue. I found that docker installs a rc script for docker in /etc/init.d/docker and at the same time installs an upstart script at /etc/init/docker.conf. I just had to remove the rc script /etc/init.d/docker for this issue to go away. Hope this works for you as well.


Evidently, Phusion packages their own Ubuntu 12.04 Vagrant boxes which run the required 3.8 kernel to make it easier to use Docker. They also provide the memory and swap accounting kernel init parameters to make these features available to LXC. To use these boxes, simply update the box name and URL in your Vagrantfile: # ... ...


Actually Docker doesn't do any virtualization, it's just a tool that handles images and uses LXC container virtualization to run them. I guess you're actually looking for LXC and its capabilities, here. LXC can do virtual networking and MySQL can be accessed over the network. The only thing you need is to connect the building blocks together ;). In a ...

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