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➜ codetv_static# docker run ubuntu:10.04 /bin/echo 'Howdy!' Unable to find image 'ubuntu:10.04' locally 10.04: Pulling from library/ubuntu a3ed95caeb02: Pull complete 86b54f4b6a4e: Pull complete Digest: sha256:f6695b2d24dd2e1da0a79fa72459e33505da79939c13ce50e90675c32988ab64 Status: Downloaded newer image for ubuntu:10.04 Howdy!


This Dockerfile from this blog post demonstrate an ideal way to get started with a Linux GUI running in a (Docker) container. A similar setup can be achieved using a CoreOS machine(s) as a host, and X11 and SSHD running inside the container. In the example I linked, the author also included software like the JRE (Java), Firefox, LibreOffice, and a ...

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